sustainability“Building a better world is Global Imperative”. Keeping this in view Kaynes is committed to Supplier Sustainability Program in compliance with worldwide regulations and to sustainable development.

We understand that corporate sustainability program can increase our thinking of the supplier’s identification, understanding and will yield better results in business terms. With ethical corporate practices and challenge of the present we also think of the future with clear initiative in the areas of accountability of suppliers, transparency, professional development cum growth of employees, employee productivity, community building and reduction in attrition and operational risks.

We undertake to protect the human rights, labour laws and environment and leave no space for corruption.

Kaynes undertake the following initiatives

Product Compliance Requirements for Suppliers:  All international regulations and voluntary standards for safety, health and environmental protection are complied with.

Training and awareness:  we provide training to our core and key suppliers covering the latest updates in worldwide compliance and we undertake corporate social responsibility at Kaynes for the community Stake holders.

Professional development programs:  We at Kaynes would like to stress on the continual improvement of our employees socially and professionally with the most efficient and transparent manner. The training programme designed will reach them to all level of higher standards with ethical means and principles as guiding factors.

Community building & philanthropy:  Kaynes complies with the standards on social awareness and create a social infrastructure, environmental and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain set out in the EICC Code of Conduct for 3TG.