Corporate Social Responsibility


Kaynes Technology based out of Mysore is in the forefront of Samaritan activities during this unforeseen disaster time. Since the beginning of the lock down it has been taking care of the complete food needs of Mysore District police manning the Police Check Post located near BEML. This will be continued till end of Lock Down on 14th April 2020.

Apart from that on 28th March2020, it provided lunch to nearly 100 police staff at Vontikoppal Police Station who had been very busy maintaining security in Mysore due to Covid 19 situation. Our initiative would be to continue this support to our brave Men in Uniform and this Sunday on 5th April 2020, also take care of the food at Vontikoppal Police Station.

This is our small bit of healing touch in the War against Covid-19 Virus.


traningKaynes Technical Training Foundation runs a Technical Institute (ITI) for the social cause since 2007. People from economically weaker sections are given the opportunity for their 2 years diploma programme in electronics and mechanics duly approved by National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT).

The intention of this institute is giving a platform for the students to upgrade their skill & qualification irrespective of their financial status. This institute also gives an assurance of job opportunities at Kaynes technology after their 2 year diploma from this institute.

Kaynes Technology is involved in imparting knowledge in Electronics to these students all thru their 2 year training.The students are also exposed to the latest technological changes in this field of electronics. Also they are trained on all the Industrial concepts of 5-S, Six Sigma, ESD etc., Personality development, Soft skills etc.,

Encouragement and employment of differently abled :

traning1 Kaynes Technology feels proud in engaging a good number of the differently abled people as part of our employee team. Some of these people suffer with different degrees of Autism and Neuro Muscular disorders. These people are specially trained and groomed to do repetitive jobs under the guidance of a specially trained mentor. We also teach yoga and other measures of physical and mental developmental exercises to these employees as part of their daily routine. We encourage positive improvement in these children while we initiate measures of socializing of these employees with other co-workers. A free working environment is made available where in these people become very confident to mix and mingle with other workers enjoying their capabilities and talents. Kaynes is the largest Employer of Differently Abled Adults in India.

Awareness Programme to socially sensitize the employees and society

Kaynes imbibes the culture of discipline and social responsibility in each employee. As part of our social work we undertake the following programmes.

Road safety awareness programme: Conduct of safety awareness programme with the police and civil administration during the Road Safety week. Employees participate in groups educating awareness thru skits, placards, pamphlets etc.

Environmental day programmes :  Awareness programme on ecological and environmental protection and educating the people on hygiene, including planting of saplings etc.

Socio-cultural exhibit programme:  Regular conduct of cultural programmes on social themes with involvement of school and college students.

Inter school competition on knowledge & art:  Bringing up the talents among the school children with involvement of our employees children in the interaction on conduct of quiz and other knowledge development programmes.

Indian cultural developmental programmes:  Displaying the cultural heritage of various arts and music in various public forum and by conducting state level dance competition programme. Also we support the artist and in their talent building for the children of various groups.

Youth programme on nation building: Programmes are organized with the help of people of eminence for interactive session with the youth from colleges and young employees for knowledge exchange and conceptual clarity.

Adventure and outreach programmes:  Creating the spirit of adventure and taking out the fear factor from the young minds for a “Can Do Attitude” and to mould them as a team in activities across the length and breadth of the country.

Activities for Spastic Soceity: Kaynes contributes to the wellbeing of the spastic society by supporting the organization “Sneha Kiran” who are running a school especially for children of Cerebral palsy.

Disaster Relief: As a citizen of India, it is every individual’s responsibility to extend our supporting hand especially during disasters. Last month, Kerala State and Madikeri District in Karnataka, faced a disaster which left a mark in our country’s history. All Kaynesters have come forward in this moment of devastating calamity and have tried to do our small bit of help for the affected citizens. Our company has also wholeheartedly donated to this effort in terms of money, material and freeing staff for this yeomen work.

With the collected funds from employees and Kaynes, a team of staff had travelled across the flood affected Madikeri and Kerala regions and extended our support by delivering food, water, blankets and cash to CM’s Disaster relief cell. A small way to contribute to our neighbouring brothers & sisters. Jai Hind !!