Conflict Mineral Policy

Data collection:  Kaynes Technology since 2006, has been providing Data to its OEM’s on RoHS, REACH and other global industry standards.

dataFour common conflict minerals coltan, cassiterite, gold ore, and wolframite extracted in a conflict zone and sold in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are contributing to violence and exploitation. The conflict minerals are cassiterite (for tin), wolframite (for tungsten), coltan (for tantalum), and gold ore extracted from the Eastern Congo, and passed through a variety of intermediaries These are otherwise referred as 3TG from DRC.

International organizations of various countries have made efforts to reduce trade in conflict resources and the fight over them.

US Conflict Minerals Law contains two requirements

  • Independent third party supply chain traceability audit
  • Reporting of audit information to the public and SEC.

data1All electronics companies are required to submit an annual conflict minerals report to the SEC. Companies subject to the SEC reporting requirement would be required to disclose a product as “DRC Conflict Free”

We at Kaynes as a part of the Electronics Manufacturers Supply chain adheres and is committed to the Conflict Mineral Policy.

  • Standard format applicable for 3TG are adhered and complied with at all data levels as prescribed by the indistry.
  • We carry out BOM check for the total 3TG items compliance as required by international norms and totally supporting the aim.