Kaynes Technology leading from the front in this war against COVID-19 pandemic

Global Population is going thru its worst Pandemic and in this war against COVID-19, Kaynes Technology and all its employees are doing its best to alleviate the problems of Health Care warriors by focusing its efforts on manufacturing Ventilators for the critically ill. The entire teams from Sales, Project, Engineering, Supply chain, Planning and manufacturing are working round the clock from wherever they are to see that the our shop floor warriors should be able to manufacture, test, package and dispatch the electronics required for manufacturing the ventilators. It’s a stupendous task given the shortest lead time expected from suppliers.

We thank the Local Administration for giving us the required permissions to move our transport, pick our employees and enabling us to operate our assembly lines without any interruptions or delays. We are also indebted to our employees who have volunteered to work in the plants during this period of spread of Virus and wholeheartedly put their effort in supporting the community in this hour of grave distress. Let’s all Join Hands in whatever Support we can give to our society in this critical period.